Field hockey goals built to last.

Since 1948, Elixir Industries has been engineering and designing products for global markets. Today, over 65 years later, our focus is still on the customer. As a fully integrated manufacturer, we control all facets of the process, from raw materials to finished goods.

Our full line of goal cages epitomizes our commitment to design and manufacturing excellence. All our soccer, lacrosse, futsal and field hockey goals are proudly manufactured, in the USA, to the highest standards and carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Our field equipment is designed to enhance your experience, whether it is a team shelter or simply a small custom practice goal. If you have a unique application, we will be glad to design and manufacture a solution.

Elixir Sports Equipment goals are located on the quiet fields of local recreation departments to the boisterous stadiums of NCAA champions!

All of our products are proudly manufactured in the United States.

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